Acting and Mental Health

Actor Scott Hillier is a creative ball of energy who is full of positivity and light. He is diagnosed with bipolar, has been sectioned 15 times, has been discriminated against and wants to be open and honest about his story to help others who may be going through something similar and to educate others to break down the stigma that there is around mental illness.

How do you Keep Going When Everything Is Falling Apart?

It was a pleasure to interview Kelly Kohen who has a real inspirational story including shark attacks, flesh eating bacteria and coming out the other side using her experiences to help other people.

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Homeless to Hollywood with Christopher Torretto

This week, I got to interview Chris Torretto on his background of abuse and being homeless and how he turned it all around and has bagged himself an acting role on drama series Emergency LA. Very inspiring story and a great guy.

Noonan Syndrome & Overcoming Obstacles

This week’s podcast is an interview with actress Sarah Hornshaw who has noonan syndrome and has had to overcome many obstacles and negativity to get to where she is today. She wanted to do this interview to educate people about noonan syndrome and to inspire others who feel they have something holding them back to take action and go for it.

Business, Mindset and What It Takes to Succeed!- An Interview With Ellie Burschough

An interview with business and mindset coach Ellie Burscough on business, money, mindset, confidence and success!

Existential Philosophy When Applied To The Creative Mind

In this interview, actor and Director Kris Sumer shares his incredible story and gives us an insight into existential philosophy when applied to the creative mind. A very thought provoking and moving interview- thanks Kris!