Why do I recommend you have a free offer?

It’s a great way of getting people into your space, for them to get to know you and what you’re about. For a lot of people, it’s big jump to spend money with somebody who they don’t know. 

When creating your freebie, the first thing to think about is- who is your ideal tribe?

Yes, I’ve asked you this before and I will, no doubt, ask you again in future. Why? Because without being crystal clear on that, it will be very difficult to make things work.

This time, I’m going to make it more specific.

  1. What does your ideal tribe member need?
  2. What is the starting point for them to be able to achieve that goal? (There’s your freebie!)
  3. How do your ideal tribe prefer to consume information? 

When deciding how to deliver your freebie, think about the daily routine of your ideal tribe and how easily consumable your offer is. Here are some suggestions of ways it can be delivered:

Take note!

  • I strongly recommend your freebie be something that you spend your time, money and energy on only once and then you can automate. 
  • Stay focused on the goal.
  • I would recommend capturing their details (using a form builder such as Woofoo) and linking that to your e-mail list, where you will have an automated e-mail series ready for them (we will be covering this in the next training)


Map out your free offer and share it in the group!