7 Day Badass E-mail Sequence

By now you should have your freebie ready to go- if you don’t, go back to the training on freebies and complete that first.

So- anyone opting into your freebie will inout their details (name, e-mail address, mobile number) through a form such as woofoo (see www.woofoo.com).

The form will then integrate with your e-mail marketing software (Get Response, Mail Chimp etc) and you can set up a series of badass e-mails to go out at set intervals every time someone opts in.

This particular sequence has been really effective for me and I can’t wait to share it with you freedomites!

E-mail Day 1

Thank them for opting in for your freebie. Offer them another freebie that is even more valuable eg. A call (for high ticket offers) or entry into your online group. Get them excited and really happy that to be on your list!

E-mail Day 2
Immediately position yourself as the expert.

Examples are articles that you have had published or any interviews where you are talking about a subject your ideal tribe will be interested in, and will benefit from.

If you don’t have one, use one of your own blog posts for now, and replace as soon as you can. Include a CTA at the end.

E-mail Day 3

A video sharing your story, what your business is about, who you help and why it’s important to you.

Include a CTA at the end.

E-mail Day 4

The same as day 2 but with different content, and preferably a different publication. Again, don’t forget that CTA.

E-mail Day 5

Send testimonials or client success stories!


E-mail Day 6

Ask them if they have used your freebie yet, what result/outcome they got out of it and what else they need help with right now.

E-mail Day 7

Pitch your offer!